My Latest Release—A Coloring Book!

Drawing and writing have always been twin passions for me. It’s been a long time since I put my art skills to use commercially. Back in the day, I painted murals while my babies played underfoot. Now those kids are quite a bit bigger, and the coloring book genre is on fire. There are so many beautiful coloring books out there for adults and kids with advanced coloring skills. The more I saw them, the more I felt the pull to create one. So I turned to pen and ink (not my usual medium) and challenged myself to try something completely new. Line drawings! Black and white! My high school AP Art teacher, Mrs. Wethington, who once admonished me not to “use color as a crutch” would be proud. I not only did it, I loved creating each and every page. The first book in my Color World series has an inspirational theme. I’m looking forward to creating more, with many different themes. So many possibilities!


The first book in the Color World series is now available!

Be encouraged and inspired in your faith as you color these hand-drawn pages. Every page centers on words of hope and love. Add some color to your life, be reminded of our amazing God, and make something beautiful to share with the world!

Thousands of people are rediscovering the joy of coloring. Grab some colored pencils or pens and relax with the simple joy of Blessings: An Inspirational Coloring Book. Blessings includes a wide variety of designs and styles to suit every mood, from delicately beautiful to bold and fun; from florals to animals, to stars and swirls.

Would you like free, printable coloring pages? Would you like to know when more coloring books are available? Please sign up here for the Color World e-mail newsletter.

Sample pages from Blessings:


A New Book in the Venture Series, Available Now!




Well, last time I posted, I told you I was working on another book in the Venture series. And…one book turned into two! I’m happy to announce that Venture Undone (Book 4), is out now on Amazon, iTunes, nook, Google Play, and other major e-book retailers. Venture Unstoppable (Book 5) will be available by June 2nd.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of writing Venture Undone and Venture Unstoppable was exploring who Dasher Starson really is, from his point of view. On the one hand, for many readers, he’s one of the most likable characters. And on the other hand, there’s an uneasy sense that he has a lot of secrets. There’s uncertainty about where he’s coming from. In these two books, we get to know some of those secrets. Not only that, but we get into Dasher’s head and really feel where he’s been, who he is, and who he wants to be.

From Venture Undone:

“We can’t let Richland fall,” Dasher said.

“It will fall, if the Alliance insists on having their way,” Venture said. “They’ll have to alter the Code of Laws to do it.” The key Crested families denied that the Alliance even existed, let alone that they were part of it. They said it was just a myth from ancient history. But Dasher had told Venture it was very real, very much still alive, and with a new, frightening mission. “The Code of Laws is what makes Richland what it is. Whether this place still has the same name or not, if they do that, it won’t be Richland anymore.”

“Just a shadow of this great nation,” Dasher conceded.

“The people are strong. They won’t stand for that,” Venture said.

And they both knew what that meant—war. The people divided. Richland at war with itself.

About the Venture Books:

Venture Delving is a bonded servant, a member of the lowest class in the world. Already fatherless, when he loses his mother, he veers from energetic to out of control. But when Venture’s rage saves the life of Jade, his best friend and his master’s daughter, Venture finds himself in the last place he ever expected—a center renowned for training young boys to be professional fighters.

When Venture realizes he’s fallen in love with Jade, he knows that the only way he’ll ever have her, the only way he’ll ever be free to live the life he’s meant to live, is to defy convention, common sense, the trust of those he cares about most—and sometimes the law—and become the best fighter in the world, the Champion of All Richland. Venture must battle not only rival fighters, but the ghosts of his past and the members of a privileged warrior class who stand between him and his dream.

More Venture Books on the Way!

I’m so excited to be diving back into writing the Venture series. Other obligations have kept me away from Venture, Jade, Dasher, Earnest, Chance, and so many other beloved characters for a while. I miss them, I miss their world, and I can’t wait to find out what happens to them next. I plan to have the fourth novel-length book in the series ready for readers in Spring 2015.

I asked my son what he’d like to see more of in future Venture books, and he said, “Just follow the story, Mom.” So, off I go to follow the story wherever it takes me.

The Unicorn Thief Releases Today!

The Unicorn Thief

It’s the official release day for The Unicorn Thief, the hardcover sequel to Wonder Light: Unicorns of the Mist!

I had my launch party last week at the Garfield Book Company at PLU, and it was so great to see friends, family, and fans of Wonder Light!


My friend Karyn baked and decorated amazing cookies, topped with unicorns, swamp lizards, white chocolate seashells, and chocolate rocks!



If you missed the party, you can still order a personalized, signed copy from the Garfield Book Company. I’ll sign it, and they’ll ship it to you if you don’t live in the area.

More info about The Unicorn Thief and where you can buy it is here.

Save the Unicorns! It’s Time for the Unicorn Thief Release Party!

A bold thief runs rampant in the land of unicorns and now no one is safe.
Twig and Ben are hard at work taming the last free unicorn herd on Lonehorn Island when Ben’s loyal unicorn, Indy, disappears. When their search leads them to the island’s secret passageway of Terracornus, the land of unicorns, they discover a bold thief at work. There Twig learns the tangled truth about Ben and the evil queen who’s enslaved all of the unicorns. Now all of the captive unicorns are in danger and only Ben and Twig, the last unicorn riders, can save them.


The Unicorn Thief is here, and I’d love to have you join me for free cookies and a reading at the Garfield Book Company at PLU, April 25 at 7:00 PM. Here’s the event on Facebook.

Here’s more info at the bookstore site. Pre-order your books there to make sure you get a copy!

Wonder Light Paperback Release Day!

It’s paperback release day for Wonder Light: Unicorns of the Mist! To celebrate, I’m having a blog tour. Stop by for reviews, interviews, tips for great hot chocolate, and more!

If you’re in or near Western Washington, I’d love to have you at my release party for the Wonder Light paperback—and the extra-early-get-your-copies-before-anyone-else Unicorn Thief hardcover release. There’s more information on my Events page.

Wherever you are in the U.S., you can enter to win a Wonder Light paperback on Goodreads!

Sneak Peek—The Unicorn Thief

There’s just a little over a month left until the release of the sequel to Wonder Light, The Unicorn Thief. If you can’t wait to find out what it’s about, here’s a little taste!


The unicorn’s nostrils flared at the thief in warning. Her breath came out in puffs of outrage, a visible vapor in the crisp night air. The mare’s deadly horn glinted in the light of his lantern, but the thief stayed calm. He held out his hand, palm down. Then he took the tiny instrument from his pocket, held it to his lips, and began to play.

The flattened ears perked up and turned toward the sound. He’d practiced this song, refined it even more, he believed, than the great Darian ever had. His fingers danced over the holes as he blew, making music to lull the powerful Night Spark. To bring her completely under his control.

Darian, the great herder, was a man of many secrets, and this was one of them. The thief’s throat tightened around his song, his heart caught in the clench of regret. Would Westland ever see Darian again? Would he? It was too easy to succumb to such dark thoughts anywhere on castle grounds, but especially here, in the royal stables.

The thief fitted Night Spark with a halter and led her out of the stall. He could hear the boots of the guards on the cobblestone outside, pacing in a steady, serious rhythm. Alert, strong. Nothing but the queen’s best to guard her best.

Those guards would have a hard time explaining this. It was too bad, but it had to be done. The thief guided Night Spark through the secret opening in the back wall of the stable and into the shaft of darkness—Darian’s passageway. Night Spark shuffled, eyelids drooping, as though she were sleepwalking. The thief slid the hidden panel shut and disappeared with the unicorn, into the underground maze.


Wonder Light Paperbacks Are Here!


My author’s copies of the paperback edition of Wonder Light: Unicorns of the Mist have arrived! I love the way they feel in my hands. They’ll be in stores the first week of April, or you can pre-order now. Follow the Wonder Light Paperback Blog Tour for reviews, interviews, and more!


Interview on the YA Story Teller Blog!

If you’re a fan of my Venture series, have a look at some great questions about character names and Venture’s world in this new interview on the YA Story Teller blog!

Fabulous Cover Art for The Unicorn Thief!

Here it is! The cover art for The Unicorn Thief, the sequel to Wonder Light! I love the glow and the UNICORN! The fabulous illustration was done by Ian Schoenherr.

The Unicorn Thief

From the publisher:

Readers who fell in love with Twig, Ben, and the fierce, wild unicorns of misty Lonehorn Island better get ready for an even more action-packed sequel. In the land of the unicorns a thief is at work. One so skilled and so bold, he’s even taken the queen’s prized unicorn. Now all of the captive unicorns are in danger and only Ben and Twig, the last unicorn riders, can save them.

Coming from Sourcebooks, May 2014!

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