Line Edits, the Horrors of Microsoft Word, and More Good News (Really)!

Soon after getting the news that Sourcebooks wanted to publish my novel, Wonder Light and its sequel, I heard from my editor, Aubrey again. Would it be possible to get the first part of Wonder Light polished right away? Sourcebooks was having a Launch Meeting in less than two weeks.

The Launch Meeting only happens twice a year, and its purpose is to introduce upcoming projects to the whole Sourcebooks team—all the editorial, marketing, sales, and design people. Oh my! Aubrey felt it was important for the team to get a feel for the mood of the book as well as my writing.

I’d secretly worried that Wonder Light‘s misty, mysterious, often tense mood would get lost in some preconceived notion of unicorn fluff, and I was so glad Aubrey was working to make sure everyone got to know my main character, Twig, and the wonder and mystery of Lonehorn Island. But . . . all those people reading it? So soon?

“Sure!” I told Aubrey. “I can do that!”

And then I raided my kids’ stale Easter candy and braced myself for the worst—editorial notes. Which I had to use Microsoft Word in order to see. Yes, dear friends. I used Microsoft Word. For probably the fifth time in my entire life. Quickly I scanned the notes, trying to get the most painful part over with—except that Aubrey’s notes weren’t painful. In fact, they were helpful. Downright uplifting. I almost forgot to be miserable about using Word . . . at least until a few hours into making changes, when I was ready to scream at all the red underlines and annoying bubbles produced by Word’s Track Changes. And why is it that the same font is so much harder to read in Word than any other word processing program?


But it was all worth it because . . . yesterday Aubrey e-mailed me after the Launch Meeting with exciting news. Wonder Light is going to be released not just in paperback, but in hardcover, with an illustrated jacket!

Hallelujah! I’m beyond thrilled, and so thankful for Amazing Editor Aubrey and Sourcebooks’ faith in my writing.

About R. Russell

Author of the Unicorns of the Mist series and the Venture series.

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  1. My *WORD*.🙂 A good editor is golden. So happy for you.

  2. Read about your journey on Operation Awesome. How thrilling to learn another person persisted and finally succeeded!

    • Thank you, Karen! It was tough, but I learned a lot along the way—mainly that no one should be in charge of my career but me, and I shouldn’t depend on others to believe in my writing. I appreciate it when they do, but I have to believe in it myself, even when others don’t.

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