Fabulous Cover Art for The Unicorn Thief!

Here it is! The cover art for The Unicorn Thief, the sequel to Wonder Light! I love the glow and the UNICORN! The fabulous illustration was done by Ian Schoenherr.

The Unicorn Thief

From the publisher:

Readers who fell in love with Twig, Ben, and the fierce, wild unicorns of misty Lonehorn Island better get ready for an even more action-packed sequel. In the land of the unicorns a thief is at work. One so skilled and so bold, he’s even taken the queen’s prized unicorn. Now all of the captive unicorns are in danger and only Ben and Twig, the last unicorn riders, can save them.

Coming from Sourcebooks, May 2014!

About R. Russell

Author of the Unicorns of the Mist series and the Venture series.

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  1. Pleas answer me. Your writing is amazing and I can’t wait till the unicorn thief comes out because I love your book. even though I’m 13 years young, I still read your book nonstop over and over again

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